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Think Clearly

In Pursuit of Performance

When it comes to performance, Psychologists work with individuals, groups, and teams engaging within a wide range of different pursuits. Whether you are looking to realise your potential, improve your team’s approach, develop collaboration amongst your colleagues, perform at a higher and more consistent level, or simply wanting to enjoy the experience more, Think Clearly Performance has you covered. Using psychology, we make it possible for you to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for your performance pursuit.

Think Clearly is run by Chartered Sport Psychologist and HCPC Regsitered Practitioner Psychologist, James Lambdon. Learn more about James’ Approach

How to Think Clearly

  • Core Mental skills For Peak Performance

    Research suggests that there are a range of psychological skills that performers can draw upon to ‘get to’ and ‘stay at’ levels of high and/or consistent performance. We support clients to develop skills such as: Goal setting, self-regulation, planning and organisation, reflection, imagery, routines and performance evaluation.

  • Personality, Mindset & Behavioural Style

    Sustained high performance does not rely on any one single personality, mindset, or series of behaviours. We use modern personality theory to support our work in helping individuals to spot a changing context and our adapt their mindset and/or behaviour appropriately.

  • Working with others: The Role of Relationships

    Performance does not occur in a vacuum. Communication, Leadership, Collaboration, Group Dynamics, and Relationship are all important considerations for performers working with others, and are all examples of areas we can support clients in.

  • Mind Body Relationships & Performance Challenges

    Achieving a desired level of performance can be challenging. Striving for excellence or peak performance regardless of the performance domain, can (at times) require us to deal with levels of stress or anxiety, or lead to fluctuations in confidence and motivation.

  • Understanding & Managing Performance Consequences

    The pursuit of performance can sometimes be associated with negative outcomes, such an injury, isolation, mental health challenges, and career transitions.

Helping You Think Clearly

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are available for athletes, coaches, officials, support staff, and performers. Typically delivered on a one-on-one basis, initial sessions can be arranged when you need them. Following all individual sessions, clients are provided with summary notes, and a psychological development plan (created in collaboration with you), enabling you to track your development and performance.

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Ongoing Support Packages

For individuals looking for more comprehensive support, ongoing support packages of three, six, or ten month durations are offered to support you in your performance pursuit. Each package includes a blend of face to face and e-meetings, alongside a personal development plan and ongoing strategies and resources to use alongside your meetings.

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Spotlight and SpotlightTEAMS

Spotlight is a personality profiling tool, designed with performance in mind. Having completed accredited practitioner training, James can lead you (or you team) through Spotlight Profiling and SpotlightTEAMs. Spotlight tools helps performers to understand their natural performance preferences; helping people to FLEX their style to connect with others, and COPE in order to thrive. This profiling process involves completion of an online preferences assessment, and a face to face debriefing session (to either an individual or team), helping you adapt your approach to maximise your performance.

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Professional Supervision

Through Think Clearly Performance, James offers a comprehensive group supervision program to candidates working towards completion of the British Psychological Society’s (BPS) Qualification in Sport and Exercise Psychology (QSEP) or the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science (BASES) Sport and Exercise Psychology Accreditation Route (SEPAR).  This unique supervision programme offers a blend of group, peer, and individual supervision. James appears on both the BPS Register of Applied Practice Supervisors (RAPPS) and BASES list of accredited SPEAR Supervisors.

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Think Clearly Golf

Frequently work in Golf, led James to develop a Golf Psychology specific space for Golfers to develop the mental side of their game. Think Clearly Golf is an online membership platform full of resources specifically designed to help golfers to think clearly in their pursuit of better golf.

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