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Read here about the values that underpin James’ work, and see some of the recent examples of his work in the media

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Professional Values.

James’ practice is underpinned by a range of professional practice values. Each value is outline and explained below helping you understand what you can expect if you work with James at Think Clearly Sport.  



As no one else performs like you do, it is  important to take the time to understand what skills, knowledge, and abilities work best for you, regardless of your performance pursuit.


Sport is often full of frequent and varied challenges. The importance of a developing a desire to know more or to learn something about yourself cannot be underestimated. The psychological side of performance is a skill, which can be developed through approaching your performance from a position of curiosity.

Solution Focussed.

Knowing where you want to get to, makes the getting there that much more likely. You are often the biggest resource for the performance level you are looking for. Choosing a solution focused approach, I can support you to make the change you need.

Personal Growth.

Is a process. Our work will be driven to help you to raise levels of self-awareness, build upon your unique strengths, support you to realise your potential, and help to enjoy your chosen performance pursuit.


Having undertaken 7 years work of profession training, acting in an honest, truthful, accurate. and consistent manner takes centre stage in all that I do.


Research informed, theoretically driven, the domain of psychology can be full of jargon. Within his work James strives to make the psychological side of performance simple, accessible, and helpful in a way that speaks to each individual.


In the Media

Since starting the study of psychology and sport psychology in 2005, James has been involved in a number of written articles, interviews, and podcasts, covering a wide range of psychological topics. Have a look at this variety of articles below.

How to recover during the off season.

How should a triathlete approach the end of the season? Talking with Tim Henning, James offers some insight into off season recovery via 220 Triathlon:


Goal Setting. 

Goal setting is a powerful tool that performers use are various stages of their season. Pick up some tops tips, and learn more about goal setting here:


Why Exercise Is Difficult. 

As a nation we are busier than ever, but we are increasingly sedentary. Regular exercise is difficult, find out about the science behind it here with an article written for The Times:



Motivation is one of the most talked about topics in the domain of sport psychology. What impact does our motivation level have on our performance? And how do you keep your level high? Find out more here, with input into an article for Road Cycling UK:


New Years Resolutions

Find a new way to look at Resolutions in the New Year in this article (p94-95) for Bath Live:

Why Putting is Difficult

Learn more about why golfers may struggle on the greens, in this article (p20-21) for GolfHacker magazine (click link below)