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Sport Psychology

Think Clearly Sport in the Media

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There are many common themes in much of a sport psychologists’ work with their clients. Over the past few years, James Lambdon has been involved in creating or contributing to a number of articles across numerous media outlets. Learn more about some of the key areas in sport and performance psychology by viewing some of the outlets that have featured James, or Think Clearly Sport below:


Goal Setting

Goal setting is a powerful tool that performers use are various stages of their season. Pick up some tops tips, and learn more about goal setting here:


Why Exercise Is Difficult

As a nation we are busier than ever, but we are increasingly sedentary. Regular exercise is difficult, find out about the science behind it here with an article written for The Times:


Motivation is one of the most talked about topics in the domain of sport psychology. What impact does our motivation level have on our performance? And how do you keep your level high? Find out more here, with input into an article for Road Cycling UK:


Psychology in Triathlon

What role does our mindset play in a triathlon? Whether you are completing your first, or a seasoned competitor, find out all about the impact of psychology through this article for gogorace: